We are a german-austrian New Wave Band. Our lyrics are mainly in German, but our bass player is a native englishman, so we are very pleased if you are interested in our sound and music.

The Band Intimspray

INTIMSPRAY has been a die-hard LIVE BAND since the 80s. The energy of the songs jumps directly over to the audience again. Intimspray's first LIVE album (vinyl) is now out: "Intimspray Live - the CAFÉ CARINA soUND", was released in October 22. Riffs that stick in your head, the pull of which you can't escape. The texts to a large extent linguistically artistic.

The LIVE album by Intimspray came about unplanned, actually. A routine recording of two concerts in July 2021 at Café Carina in Vienna turned out to be almost predestined to capture the live feeling of the band on vinyl. Stephan M. Rave Up Records: “Intimspray is currently one of the best live acts in Austria.” The "London Twins" processed the recordings into a perfect British sound mix. Horst Pfaffelmayer from the “Goldchamber Mastering Studio”, in whom the band found an equally congenial partner for the product, gave this live record the The master for the EP "RELIGION" (January 2022) was made - as one of his last works - by the legendary George HORN (Creedence Clearwater Revival, Herbie Hancock, Dicks, Sly and the Family Stone, Bob Dylan etc.) in Fantasy Studios Berkeley. Horn sadly passed away on August 26, 2021.

On the occasion of their first live concerts of the band revival in 2020, the old power of their music showed up again. Vienna was now chosen as the new home base, where they were guests in the U4 several times in the 80s. In Vienna, Thomas Ploner from Café Carina (underground station Josefstädter Straße) quickly offered them a stage. Since then, INTIMSPRAY and its sound can be heard there regularly. It's amazing how much hit potential this music has. A constantly growing fan base - young audiences are increasingly coming to their concerts - sings along with the hooks, as they did back in the 80s (e.g. with "Religion" or "Das ist Alles"). As soon as the band enters the stage in the outfit with the masks for the song "Religion", the spark jumps over.
Sideline: Heinz D. Heisl says: “The Vienna police gave me the idea of the masks after the taxi driver had been issued with a fine while unloading the equipment; Of course I paid the 70 euros for the taxi driver"; the original penalty ticket, from which the first mask was made, can be seen on the photo of the inner sleeve of the EP Religion.

Intimspray's music is stylish; in the live recordings the right groove, optimal tempos, the lead singer's voice in top form. etc. in their new underground hit "Das ist Alles" or the song "In Leeren Räumen" (with the lyrics that are still relevant to this day) which is well-known from the ARD program "Live aus Alabama". Exemplary for the sound are the laconic, bright and cutting voice of frontman Heinz D. Heissl, which is carried by the dancing rhythm of the guitar (a Fender Telecaster 72 and an Ovation VIPER - PRINCE's favorite guitar); the ingenious riffs of solo guitarist Heribert Corny Kornfeil, his pithy peaks in the sound.
The groovy bass lines of the English bassist Bill Pugh emphasize the closeness to the British ska and reggae punk scene. And Daniel Homolka on the drums works straight, precisely. As a special guest at these live recordings is Hannes Sprenger: saxophone, Korg-Mini-Moog. His solos in "That's All", "We Believe" or "One Million Barrels" are virtuosic highlights.

On the live LP there are some old hits (“In leeren Räumen", “Ich schaue aus dem Fenster”) and new songs (“Inflation”, “We Believe”, “Das ist Alles”). Some of the older compositions have been given a new polish. The lyrics are penned by lead singer Heinz D. Heissl; whose literary quality he has refined, in the work of 14 literary books that have been published (in various publishers: Renner Munich, Haymon-Verlag Innsbruck, Dittrich-Verlag Berlin, Limbus Verlag).

The Story of Intimspray

 40 years ago they were already rocking the hip clubs in Munich like Domicile, Rigan Club, Marienkäfer or Whynot. They were also guests at Onkel Pö in Hamburg or the U4 in Vienna and at the WOM Festival in the sold-out Munich Olympiahalle. The German and English texts ranged from explosively political to satirical. "One of the hottest bands right now," said Bravo and New Musical Express. They met bands like DAF, Soft Cell, Stray Cats, Heaven 17 or Trio. And then suddenly they disappeared from the stage, but - as it turned out - not from their fans' minds.

In 1979 Heinz D. founded the new wave group Intimspray with the musicians Hubert Ned-wed Drums, Mike Moll Keyboard, Heribert Kornfeil Guitars (all formerly with Abu El Mot). Englishman Bill Pugh (bass) joined the band through the Nighthawks. The first single “More Dangerous Come Down” (second hand production, at that time still with Walter Moriell on bass) and the support of the Munich ska band Nighthawks paved the way to the Munich club scene, where Intimspray quickly conquered a fan base. Didi Zill (of BRAVO Magazine) contracted them to RCA/Autobahn. And with the first album, numerous appearances on radio and television (BR, ARD and ZDF) followed.

1982 The LP was record of the month on Bavarian Radio. The music press wrote: “Their lyrics are mostly in rhyme, funny and ironic, but also political, like in songs like “Sadat” (was flat) or “Ghaddafi” (stands at the edge of the desert his head is hotter than that sand), or also
“Roter Halbmond/Red Crescent”. The Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote: “It's dance music, pogo, ska, reggae, elements that new wave bands keep reviving. The rhyming INTIMSPRAY lines are of course in the mother tongue, but the musicians are certain that German lyrics will not be a passing fad in rock music.”

1984 After disagreements regarding the contract with the producers Didi Zill and Michael Holm, the singer Heinz D. Heisl left the band, what made Intimspray break up after a short time.

In 2018, four band members met at a musicians' festival. After they were asked by the audience to spontaneously perform one of the old Intimspray hits and the response completely surprised them, they arranged to meet for the first rehearsals in Munich. After a few rehearsals, Intimspray went back on stage (at the Chelsea Club in Vienna and at Café Carina) and in the recording studio in Vienna.
Only Mike Moll (keyboards) from the original line-up backed down at the last moment. Instead, first the Viennese saxophonist Dieter Schnell was engaged and then Hannes Sprenger as a guest. The drummer Hubert Nedwed, who also retired after initial enthusiasm, was replaced a year later by the fantastic drummer Daniel Homolka (28), who now delivers the "hell drive" together with Bill Pugh. (“Age can do us no harm, it is just one component among many others that make us who we are.” H.D.H.)

In 2021 the first new EP "RELIGION" was released. In 2022 the new LIVE LP was released.


"The snide humour is still there. Playing short texts at high speed and accompanied by the saxophone as proof of virtuosity, Intimspray authentically reflects the zeitgeist of 1982. (Der Standard 25.1.2022, Karl Fluch)

„Listen to SAYONARA, what a goddamn hit!” (CRAZY UNITED -nasty- April 2022)

“RELIGION cleverly builds on the former work without trying to sound retro: New Wave, Powerpop, Ska, concise German-language lyrics, a good thing.”
 (Der Falter 9.3.22 GS)

"They're back and playing their hits again like Sayonara and In leeren Räumen, Sadat war platt, but also new composition that sound "surprisingly fresh"." (Krone August 21).


•    Heinz D. Heisl (composition, text, guitar, lead vox): musician, writer (17 published books, prose and poetry), singer-songwriter - with the BaldWiena FolksWaisen project; Bands: Abu el Mot, Sintflut 70

•    Bill Pugh (bass): bass player, co-founder of Neumann & Müller Stage Technics. In between as a bassist or guitarist in various bands.

•    Heribert Corny Kornfeil (guitar, vox): played in various bands including Abu el Mot, Sintflut 70.

•    Daniel Homolka (drums, vox): Also plays in Iron Snag Joe and Gert, as well as the band tobeadded.


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